Why choose RMA?

Why choose Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California

Your success is our bottom line. We are doctors obsessed with advancing the field. Nurses committed to being your sounding board. Counselors dedicated to understanding your story.

Our network has created the rules for the industry, and we’re continuing to reinvent the field. We are as focused on new discovery for future patients as we are to providing exceptional care to the ones sitting in our exam rooms, and our guiding light will always be helping you get what you came for.

We are world class infertility leaders right here in San Francisco, and we treat every patient like family. We practice only the latest, most effective science, and we lead by example.
Let us prove it.

Understanding Success

RMA is at the forefront of fertility treatment due to our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Single Embryo Transfer

Women can now avoid the health risks that are associated with multiple embryo transfers. New procedures and technology advancements have made Single Embryo Transfers (SET) possible.

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) not only increase implantation rates but also support improved obstetrical outcomes like higher birth weight deliveries and lower risk of premature births.


NexCCS goes way beyond the microscope. Find out how NexCCS can help improve overall safety and the desired outcome of your IVF cycle.

CareShare Program

Our CareShare Program provides our patients with peace of mind when it comes to the financial stresses and worries associated with infertility treatments. Find out how we can help.