Private messages from my doc: how RMA of NORCAL is personalizing care

RMA NorCal patients can communicate with their doctors via text message.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Your cell phone alerts you with that sound all day long. But this time, it’s not a news update or an email notification. It’s a private message from your fertility doctor.

Well, not any fertility doctor. It’ll be a message from Dr. Scott Morin or Dr. Jonathan Kort from RMA of Northern California, to be exact.

The founding physicians always wanted to make fertility care as easy as possible for patients, so when they recently opened the clinic – headquartered in downtown San Francisco with a satellite location in Palo Alto – they knew that communication was going to be an important part to get right.

So in addition to detailed, in-person discussions about care and 24-hour phone support, at the end of every initial consultation patients at RMA of Northern California are given credentials for a patient portal that allows them to, among many other things, have a direct line of communication to their doctor and their nurse.

“One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard from patients going through fertility treatment is that they have questions they can’t get answers to and that it can be difficult to get their doctor to call them back,” says Dr. Morin. “We wanted to remove that barrier and make sure our patients know they are our top priority.”

This private message functionality is part of a bigger digital support platform offered by RMA of Northern California that makes the journey through care more streamlined, straightforward and as tailor-fit to each individual patient as possible.

Through a partnership with San Francisco-based Spruce Health, RMA of NorCal offers this HIPAA-compliant patient portal that allows patients to access their test results, receive text message reminders about appointments and when it’s time to administer medications, and to search a vast library of patient resources.

Believers in technology’s power to streamline processes and make complicated situations easier to manage, Dr. Kort and Dr. Morin have removed the barriers to communication and transparency in an effort to better serve their patients. “We know a significant part of the challenge of going through any medical treatment can be access to information and answers from your care team,” said Dr. Kort. “The wait can be dramatically shortened with this technology.”

And if patients feel empowered, informed, and confident as a result, that will be the start of the type of relationship the doctors envisioned when they set out to open a different kind of fertility center in San Francisco.

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California is a leading infertility center focused on science, success and support. If you or your partner are struggling with infertility, book a consultation to meet with Dr. Kort or Dr. Morin today.