Third Party Reproduction

Third Party Reproduction

Sometimes you need a little help from someone else. The fertility journey is complex, and third party, or collaborative reproduction, which involves assistance of donors and/or surrogates, can help you make your dreams of family a reality.

Every path to parenthood is different—whether you choose to pursue known or anonymous egg donation, embryo donation, gestational surrogacy, or donor sperm, your care team is here to support your decisions and will be with you every step of the way.


Egg donors are an option for many patients. It is recommended for women who have age-related infertility, reduced egg quality, premature menopause, or diminished ovarian reserve.


A gestational carrier is a woman who carries a pregnancy for another couple or individual. This process begins when one or more embryos created with the sperm and egg of the intended parent/s is transferred into the gestational carrier.


There are a number of indications for the use of donor sperm. For example, donor insemination can be used when the male has severe semen abnormalities or if the male is a carrier of or is affected with a significant genetic abnormality. More commonly, donor sperm are used by single women or same sex female couples who wish to become pregnant.