Your Team


Our philosophy is simple: be kind, offer the most advanced care and communicate (often).

We’ll treat you like the unique, determined person you are. We’ll give you your own nurse that will be assigned to your journey from start to finish. You’ll never wonder how to reach us and we’ll share in all your emotions.

Best of all, we will do what we know best: turning patients into parents.

Meet Your RMA Team

Take a moment to meet the members of our physician team and learn what sets Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California apart.

Meet Your Lab Team

Our state-of-the-art laboratory is one of the primary reasons that RMA of Northern California is so confident in your success. Our laboratory reflects the latest technological advancements and is closed down biannually for comprehensive quality control inspections to ensure we are meeting the highest global standards.


Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California believes that nurses are a vital part of the comprehensive care experience, which is why our team is comprised of nurses whose passion for helping patients is matched only by their commitment to staying at the forefront of reproductive medicine.