Our Nursing Team


Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California believes that nurses are a vital part of the comprehensive care experience, which is why our team is comprised of nurses whose passion for helping patients is matched only by their commitment to staying at the forefront of reproductive medicine. Our care team is focused on you and your fertility care needs.

Luciana Svilpa ivf nurse

Luciana Svilpa, Lead Nurse, B.Sc., RN

Luciana Svilpa is the lead clinical nurse at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California. Dedicated to providing exceptional patient experience, Svilpa works alongside Dr. Morin and Dr. Kort to care for patients throughout their time in treatment, coordinating IUI, IVF and Third Party cycles.

After received her undergraduate degree in microbiology from the University of Washington in Seattle, Svilpa worked as a researcher at the school, studying the genetic and environmental factors that affect lifespan. She then received her associate’s degree in nursing from Lake Washington Institute of Technology in Kirkland, Washington, and worked as a nurse at Pacific NW Fertility in Seattle, where she managed autologous IVF, egg donor, donated embryo and gestational carrier cycles.

She is currently training as an advanced practice nurse at Duke University and will graduate in 2019 with a Master of Science degree from the Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner program with a specialty in endocrinology.

Equally passionate about the science of reproductive endocrinology as she is about patient care, Svilpa is an integral part of the RMA of Northern California team. Her primary focus is to support patients in their journey and help them achieve the best possible outcomes. Originally from Brazil, Svilpa speaks English and Portuguese, and is eager to work with the Portuguese-speaking community in Northern California.