Ovatures Egg Donation

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At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California, we understand the path to pregnancy and a positive fertility experience sometimes requires a little help from another woman. It takes a special person to become an egg donor, requiring a commitment of time, energy, and compassion. And once the decision to help another woman has been made, the donor will always know they’ve fulfilled someone’s desire to build a family.

Why egg donation?

Although women are born with over a million eggs, only approximately 300 will be ovulated during their reproductive years. The inevitable decline in egg supply with aging makes egg quantity a problem for many women. At the same time, women’s reproductive potential decreases with age, particularly after 35. Women with a decreased ovarian reserve at any age may be faced with the challenge of diminished egg quality. With 20 percent of women waiting to start a family until after age 35, egg donation may be the right path toward building a family.

Who are Egg Donors?

Egg donors are young, healthy women between the ages of 21 and 31 from any ethnic background who have the desire to help others begin a family. The process of becoming a donor can take several weeks from the initial application, including health screening, meeting with the Ovatures Egg Donation Program team, and matching to a recipient. Upon acceptance into the Ovatures team, egg donors are welcome to contribute up to six times.

While the donor will be compensated $8,000 for their time, the true reward will be aiding another woman become a mother.

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