RMANorCal gives you three ways to answer pregnancy questions over the holidays.

3 ways to answer pregnancy questions over the holidays

Dealing with in-laws during the holidays is hard enough, but dealing with in-laws who ask questions about when you’re going to have kids is even worse. But in-laws and extended family don’t deserve all the blame. The question can come from nearly anyone, and it hurts every time. It’s especially hard around the holidays when […]

RMANorCal gives tips on how to stay busy while you wait to take a pregnancy test

The 9 day wait: how to stay busy while waiting to take your pregnancy test

For many women undergoing fertility treatment, taking a pregnancy test can be a nerve-wracking experience. You’ve already been through a lot – fertility appointments, ovary stimulating injections, egg retrieval and embryo transfer – and it all comes down to this moment. There’s quite a bit riding on the appearance of that double line – everything, […]

RMA NorCal patients can communicate with their doctors via text message.

Private messages from my doc: how RMA of NORCAL is personalizing care

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Your cell phone alerts you with that sound all day long. But this time, it’s not a news update or an email notification. It’s a private message from your fertility doctor. Well, not any fertility doctor. It’ll be a message from Dr. Scott Morin or Dr. Jonathan Kort from RMA of Northern […]

Learn about male infertility this Movember

As ‘Movember’ comes to a close, get educated about male infertility

Even though there’s only one day left in Movember – the month of men’s health and the mustache – it’s not too late to get the facts about male infertility. Because male factor infertility contributes to over a third of all infertility cases, it’s important to get educated about what it is and what you […]

RMA of Northern California opens new Palo Alto office

RMA of Northern California Opens Satellite Office in Palo Alto

Hope has a new home in Palo Alto! In addition to our brand new clinic in downtown San Francisco, which opened just last month, Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California (RMANorCal) has just opened a satellite location in Palo Alto. RMA of Northern California founding physicians Dr. Jonathan Kort and Dr. Scott Morin will see […]

Meet the team: Dr. Scott Morin and Dr. Jonathan Kort

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California prides itself on offering the highest level of infertility care to patients, and that begins with our physicians. Founding physicians Dr. Scott Morin and Dr. Jonathan Kort bring a wealth of experience in women’s health and reproductive endocrinology to Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California, including an investment in […]

female infertility treatment options in san francisco

Female infertility – Common Causes

 Not knowing why you can’t get pregnant can be extremely stressful, and it’s natural to want to know what is causing your infertility. While infertility is complex and can be attributed to numerous factors, there are several common causes of female infertility, all of which can be addressed by a reproductive endocrinologist.   Diminished ovarian […]

male infertility treatment in san francisco

Male Infertility – Common Causes

Male factor infertility accounts for almost half of all infertility cases today, and can make men feel frustrated and hopeless. The good news is that science has advanced so much, doctors right here in San Francisco can help in most cases of male infertility. The first step for a man dealing with infertility is to […]

egg freezing myths


Lately you hear a good amount of buzz surrounding celebrities and their personal stories relating to egg freezing. So why are so many celebrities and now non-celebrities opting for and pursuing the process of egg freezing? Women are born with a certain amount of eggs and over time the quantity and quality of eggs will lessen. […]

egg freezing options in san francisco, california


There are so many choices, decisions, opportunities to take in life that can change your journey. Is egg freezing one of them? More women today are choosing to delay their childbearing years while establishing their careers and achieving a comfortable financial state. However, working is not always the reason.  With greater opportunities available today, woman […]