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IVIRMA Global Concludes 8th International IVIRMA Congress on Reproductive Medicine in Mallorca, Spain

  MALLORCA, Spain, April 16, 2019 — The doctor was not in recently. In fact, hundreds of doctors, scientists and researchers from around the world were away from their offices, gathered in Mallorca, Spain for the 8th International IVIRMA Congress on Reproductive Medicine, April 4-6 The biennial congress brought together more than 1,600 specialists from nearly 70 countries to present research, […]

Is IVF right for you?

Do I need IVF?

If you’ve been struggling to get pregnant and looking into fertility treatments, you’ve probably heard of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). And if you have, you might be wondering if it’s right for you, what you can expect and what the chances of success are. Most importantly, you’re probably wondering where to go to get care. […]

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What to Expect at Your First Appointment with RMANorCal

DING! You glance down at the notification on your phone: fertility appointment with Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California (RMANorCal) this afternoon at 2pm. You take a deep breath. You’ve known about the appointment for a while, and you’ve prepared: you and your partner have taken the time off work, you know the fastest way […]

IUI is a common fertility procedure at RMA of Northern California

What is IUI and Can It Help Me?

If you’re new to fertility treatment in San Francisco, you might be trying to make sense of all the new acronyms you’re suddenly being asked to understand. Undoubtedly, one of them is IUI, or Intrauterine Insemination. At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California (RMANorCal) – with offices in San Francisco and Palo Alto – IUI […]

When is the right time to freeze your eggs?

When is a good time to freeze your eggs?

What is all the buzz about? Maybe you heard a friend talking about freezing her eggs. Maybe an ad popped up on your Instagram feed about egg freezing in San Francisco. Or maybe a recent birthday got you thinking about time and whether – and if – you should start looking into egg freezing for […]

Fertility care you deserve

When Scott Morin and his longtime friend and colleague Jonathan Kort first contemplated the idea of building a new fertility clinic in San Francisco, they were driven by one thing: giving patients in the Bay Area access to world-class fertility care. The thought of opening a new clinic in one of the most crowded healthcare […]


What Could be Causing My Infertility?

If you’ve been trying and can’t get pregnant, you’re probably asking yourself: why? Wanting to know what’s causing your infertility is natural, and, while there are some cases of unexplained infertility, there is usually a reason for the inability to conceive on your own. In those cases, seeing a San Francisco fertility doctor, or reproductive […]

Fertility care in San Francisco

Considering Fertility Care in San Francisco? 6 Things to Know

 You may have spent the last 12 months unsuccessfully trying for a baby, searching the internet for how long it normally takes to conceive, and wondering whether or not to see a fertility doctor in San Francisco. And now, in the New Year, you may finally be ready to commit to a plan of action. […]

egg retrieval

Nervous About Egg Retrieval? Your Favorite Music May Help

Sometimes, it really is the little things. Take music, for example: just a few seconds of your favorite tune can transport you to another place, put you at ease and change your perspective in a positive way. At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California (RMANorCal) we care about the little things, and we value personalized […]

Egg Freezing

3 Reasons to Consider Egg Freezing in San Francisco This Year

Every New Year offers the ability to start over: you get another chance to make a change in your life, continue with positive habits you’re proud of, or finally do that thing you’ve been putting off because you weren’t quite ready, weren’t quite sure, or just didn’t know where to begin. For women who are […]