Fertility care you deserve

When Scott Morin and his longtime friend and colleague Jonathan Kort first contemplated the idea of building a new fertility clinic in San Francisco, they were driven by one thing: giving patients in the Bay Area access to world-class fertility care. The thought of opening a new clinic in one of the most crowded healthcare […]


What Could be Causing My Infertility?

If you’ve been trying and can’t get pregnant, you’re probably asking yourself: why? Wanting to know what’s causing your infertility is natural, and, while there are some cases of unexplained infertility, there is usually a reason for the inability to conceive on your own. In those cases, seeing a San Francisco fertility doctor, or reproductive […]

Fertility care in San Francisco

Considering Fertility Care in San Francisco? 6 Things to Know

 You may have spent the last 12 months unsuccessfully trying for a baby, searching the internet for how long it normally takes to conceive, and wondering whether or not to see a fertility doctor in San Francisco. And now, in the New Year, you may finally be ready to commit to a plan of action. […]

egg retrieval

Nervous About Egg Retrieval? Your Favorite Music May Help

Sometimes, it really is the little things. Take music, for example: just a few seconds of your favorite tune can transport you to another place, put you at ease and change your perspective in a positive way. At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California (RMANorCal) we care about the little things, and we value personalized […]

Egg Freezing

3 Reasons to Consider Egg Freezing in San Francisco This Year

Every New Year offers the ability to start over: you get another chance to make a change in your life, continue with positive habits you’re proud of, or finally do that thing you’ve been putting off because you weren’t quite ready, weren’t quite sure, or just didn’t know where to begin. For women who are […]

RMANorCal gives you three ways to answer pregnancy questions over the holidays.

3 ways to answer pregnancy questions over the holidays

Dealing with in-laws during the holidays is hard enough, but dealing with in-laws who ask questions about when you’re going to have kids is even worse. But in-laws and extended family don’t deserve all the blame. The question can come from nearly anyone, and it hurts every time. It’s especially hard around the holidays when […]

RMANorCal gives tips on how to stay busy while you wait to take a pregnancy test

The 9 day wait: how to stay busy while waiting to take your pregnancy test

For many women undergoing fertility treatment, taking a pregnancy test can be a nerve-wracking experience. You’ve already been through a lot – fertility appointments, ovary stimulating injections, egg retrieval and embryo transfer – and it all comes down to this moment. There’s quite a bit riding on the appearance of that double line – everything, […]

RMA NorCal patients can communicate with their doctors via text message.

Private messages from my doc: how RMA of NORCAL is personalizing care

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Your cell phone alerts you with that sound all day long. But this time, it’s not a news update or an email notification. It’s a private message from your fertility doctor. Well, not any fertility doctor. It’ll be a message from Dr. Scott Morin or Dr. Jonathan Kort from RMA of Northern […]

Learn about male infertility this Movember

As ‘Movember’ comes to a close, get educated about male infertility

Even though there’s only one day left in Movember – the month of men’s health and the mustache – it’s not too late to get the facts about male infertility. Because male factor infertility contributes to over a third of all infertility cases, it’s important to get educated about what it is and what you […]

RMA of Northern California opens new Palo Alto office

RMA of Northern California Opens Satellite Office in Palo Alto

Hope has a new home in Palo Alto! In addition to our brand new clinic in downtown San Francisco, which opened just last month, Reproductive Medicine Associates of Northern California (RMANorCal) has just opened a satellite location in Palo Alto. RMA of Northern California founding physicians Dr. Jonathan Kort and Dr. Scott Morin will see […]